2011 YSF Tournament Results w/ photos

Congrats to the following finalists in another successful tournament.    In total, Team Ocala raised just over $5,000 towards the youth scholarship fund.    That’s incredible for 1 weekend.     Many thanks to all our SPONSORS (click here for list) and to the tireless efforts of Ernie Macias, Michelle DeMeza, and myself to pull this off for the 4th year in a row.        Trust me, the YMCA really appreciates our contributions.

Click the division for photo

Open Singles:   1st place   Steve Johnson; 2nd place   Randy Phaler

Open Doubles:  1st place Rod Van Dyke/Randy Phaler ; 2nd place  Brent Huber/Alex Corvetto

A Singles:   1st place John Dunn ;  2nd place  Greg Anderson

A Doubles:  1st place Lori Pizzini/John Peloso ;  2nd place  Jason Gray/Greg Anderson

B Singles:    1st place Carl Zalak ; 2nd place Mario Zarate

B Doubles:   1st place Chip Dixon/Carl Zalak ;  2nd place Roger Rodriguez/Kevin Potapow

C Singles:    1st place Marti McCurdy 2nd place Mike Deguzman




Stay tuned for info regarding the upcoming Summer Racquetball League…….  Rod Van Dyke   5-9-11

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