2012 Fall League RESULTS

Congrats to the Winners of the 2012 Fall League Finals.    As expected, the competition was fierce.   Did you know that the #4 seed in 4 of the 7 Divisions won their Divisions?    This shows you anyone can beat anyone on a given day!    The food from Sonny’s was awesome –  we hope you enjoyed it.

Click for photos:    1-  Crowd 2 – Roy vs Matt 3-    Chip vs Dan 4-  Food
Advanced Division –  #2 seed Steve Johnson upset #1 seed Rod Van Dyke in a tiebreaker   photo

Open Division –   #4 Cameron McGeoch defeated #3 Shane Bailey   in  2 games   photo

Elite Division –     #2  Keith Veale  defeated #4 Simon Reed  in 2 games   photo

A  Division –    #1  Tyler Williams  defeated  #3 Bob Ward  in 2 games   photo

B Division –   #4 Randy Doramus  defeated  #2  Dan Henderson  in 2 games   photo

C Division –   #4  Matt Branch defeated #2   Roy Sands, Sr  in a tiebreaker   photo

D Division –   #4 Roy Sands Jr  defeated   #2   Ryan Chamberlain  in 2 games   photo

Thanks to all of you for another fun and competitive racquetball league!

Michelle, Ernie and Rod

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