2013 Winter League Results

CONGRATS to the following winners of the 2013 YMCA Winter Racquetball League:

Click DIVISION for photos:

Advanced Division –     1st Place:   Steve Johnson      2nd Place:    Rod Van Dyke

Open Division –    1st Place:     John Dunn     2nd Place:     Shane Bailey

Elite Division –   1st Place:    Simon Reed      2nd Place:    Todd Quast

A  Division –   1st Place:      Joe Goguen     2nd Place:     Greg Bonnenclark

B Division –     1st Place:     Kyle Yancey     2nd Place:     Steven Antoine

C Division –   1st Place:     MacKenzie Usher     2nd Place:     Jamie Mark

D Division –    1st Place:    John Glenn      2nd Place:     Jim Hooper

We also had a REFEREE CLINIC during the League Finals.    THANKS to Jean Trimble for instructing the class and THANKS to John Peloso for coordinating the event!

Click here for photo of clinic participants

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