Summer League STARTS!

It’s finally here…..let’s PLAY RACQUETBALL!
Welcome to our 14th season.   We 6 new players joining our team and 12 returning to complete the 72 player field
IMPORTANT:   Call your opponent at least 24 hours in advance to confirm match time.  Also, check the website weekly to see who you play as I may make adjustments during the season to the schedule for those that drop out due to injuries.

League Rules:

* 2 games to 11 with a tiebreaker to 11.
* 2 serves for ALL Divisions
* Scoring: 1 point for playing match. 1 point for each game won.
* Wearing eye guards is MANDATORY

A, B, C divisions play Tuesday nights 5 – 10 p.m.
Advanced, Open, & Elite divisions play Thursday nights 5 – 10 p.m.

MAKE-UP matches:  If you cancel the scheduled match due to a conflict, it is your responsibility to make-up that match with your opponent within 7 days or your opponent can technically take the forfeit.    Ernie and I encourage you taking the forfeit if the opponent doesn’t comply.   Also, please play matches AHEAD of time if you know you will be out of town for a future match.   This will avoid make-ups down the road.

ENTERING YOUR SCORES:   Your email address is your password

League Fee:       $25 (covers dues, food and awards at the end of the league).      Do NOT pay the front desk at the YMCA.    You can pay either Ernie or Rod.  Cash preferred or check (checks made out to Team Ocala).    You can pay through Pay Pal too on the website.

League Shirts:   Shirts will be $15.    Please see either Ernie or Rod if you are interested.   ALSO:  If you didn’t receive your league shirt from last season, please email or call ROD to get your shirt.

Questions about schedules, updated contact information (email or phone #’s),  call Rod Van Dyke    (863) 651-4058 or  email
Good Luck to all competitors!    Ernie and Rod

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