2012 US Open Summary w/ photos

The 17th annual 2012 US Open Racquetball Championships were held in Minneapolis, MN  October 3rd – 7th.    We had 4 players from Team Ocala travel to play in the event.     They were Jason Gray, John Peloso, Ken Kirkpatrick, and Rod Van Dyke.    This was Jason’s and Ken’s first appearance –  congrats to them!

Although we all fell short of our goal of winning our Divisions, we all played hard and learned from the experience.   The competition was tough as it always is each year.

Here are some US Open facts:

658  =  # of players that played ;  82 =  Age of oldest competitor  ;  14 =   Age of youngest player  ;   13 =  Number of countries represented (Bolvia, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Guatemala, Japan, Mexico, South Korea, USA, and Venezuela) ;  $63,000+  Purse size for Pro and Open Divisions.

Here is a link to the tournament (Draws and results)   http://www.r2sports.com/tourney/divisions/listAllDivs.asp?TID=9825&sortBy=defaultOrder

Photos of Team Ocala Players and friends:   Click on link below



Glass Court (360 viewing)

Broadcast booth

Best seats in house

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